The County allows variances to certain requirements of the Land Development Code (ULDC), where special conditions applicable to a piece of property make strict enforcement of the code impractical, resulting in a hardship. Variances allow the reasonable use of a property, provided the use is in the best public interest and does not jeopardize the general health, safety, or welfare of County residents.

Variance Types

Zoning District Variances
Personal Hardship Variances

In hardship cases, such as an aged or infirm family member, an accessory living unit may be allowed in an A or R-1c zoning district subject to the following requirements:

Road Frontage Variances

Variances to the public road frontage requirement in Section 407.73(f)1 of the ULDC may be permitted for the first split of a parent parcel or for a family homestead exception under the following conditions:

Family Homestead Exceptions

Some Family Homestead Exceptions can be approved administratively, but if an applicant does not show a residual lot of at least five acres, the application must be reviewed by the Board of Adjustment in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 402, Article 23 of the ULDC.

Any request to transfer a family homestead exception certificate to an individual not meeting the definition of an immediate family member provided in Section 402.143 of the ULDC must be reviewed by the Board of Adjustment.