About The Author

This website was created, as part of a Final Masters Project at the University of Florida, in the Department of Urban & Regional Planning. The project, titled "Merging Historic Preservation with Internet Technologies: Challenges for the Development of a Community Based Historic Preservation Information System in Alachua County," analyzes the usage of the internet as a medium for presenting information to support the decision making process for the development and implementation of a Community Based Historic Preservation Program in Alachua County, through education and easier access.

The committee members of this project were composed as follows:
Dr. Paul Zwick, Department of Urban & Regional Planning
Stanley Latimer, Department of Urban & Regional Planning
Peter Prugh, School of Architecture

The idea for the website was brought to me by Juna Goda Papajorgji, of the Alachua County Growth Management Department, who saw an opportunity arise from a study commissioned by Alachua County, in an effort to emphasize the importance of Historical Resources in the community. The study, titled: "Historic Structures Survey of the Unincorporated Areas of Alachua County" also included specific recommendations for the continuation of the preservation process, one of which was a website.

This website would not have been completed if not for the constant support and assistance of Juna Goda Papajorgji, of whom I cannot thank enough.