State Preservation Efforts
Certified Local Government* Florida Historical Markers Program
State Preservation Plan in PDF format *Florida Trust for Historic Preservation

The State of Florida's Preservation efforts are best described in: More Than Orange Marmalade: A Statewide Comprehensive Historic Preservation Plan for Florida, in which it states that the primary purpose of Florida's Historic Preservation Planning Program is to provide guidance for the implementation of sound planning procedures for the location, identification, and protection of the states archaeological and historic resources.

Some of the goals laid forth in the plan are to: increase public access opportunities to Florida's cultural heritage by improving outreach and educational programs; provide technical assistance to private sector groups in the preservation of historic and archaeological sites and properties, and provide technical assistance to local governments in their efforts to preserve, protect and promote the states historical properties and archaeological sites of historic significance. The state is currently updating its preservation plan,which will be released sometime in ?? .

For more information on the state's preservation efforts, contact the Florida Bureau of Historic Preservation