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Impact Fees

Impact fees are one-time charges imposed upon new development as a condition of development approval to pay for a proportionate share of the cost of improvements to the County's infrastructure necessary to serve new growth and development. The enactment of an Impact Fee is one of the means that Alachua County can use to expand the capacity of its transportation, park, and fire system in order to maintain current levels of service if new development is to be accommodated without decreasing current levels of service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has to pay Impact Fees?

Any person who, after March 28, 2005, seeks to develop land within the unincorporated area of Alachua County, Florida, by applying for a building permit, or the extension of a building permit, to make an improvement to land which will generate additional impact is required to pay an Impact Fee per the adopted Impact Fee Ordinances.

When do I have to pay the Impact Fee?

The obligation to pay an Impact Fee is incurred when a building permit is applied for. The impact fee is paid prior to issuance of the certificate of occupancy. All payments shall be made at the offices of the Alachua County Department of Growth Management, Building Division.

Who determines how much of an Impact Fee has to be paid?

The amount of the impact fee shall be determined by the Impact Fee Administrator, in accordance with the adopted Impact Fee Ordinance. The Impact Fee Administrator shall determine whether the method of determination is based on the fee schedule contained in the appropriate impact fee ordinance or by independent fee determination study. The calculation of exemptions, refunds, and credits, and the determination of the net impact fees due shall also be the responsibility of the Impact Fee Administrator with the assistance of appropriate Alachua County Departments. Upon determination of appropriate fees, the applicant shall execute a fee acknowledgement.

What types of Impact Fees were adopted?

The County Commission adopted three categories of impact fees; transportation, fire service, and parks.

How will the money from Impact Fees be used?

Impact fees can only be used for the purpose for which they were collected. For example, Fire Service impact fees can only be spent on capital improvements that expand the capacity of the County's Fire Services capabilities. Likewise, Transportation and Park impact fees can only be used to expand the capacities of the transportation system and park system, respectively. Impact fee revenue cannot be used for operating and maintenance expenses. Transportation impact fees can only be spent within the District they were collected in.

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