Lot Splits

Lot Splits

What is a Parent Tract?
is a lot of record that existed on October 2, 1991, the date of the Alachua County Comprehensive Plan adoption, or a parcel of land fronting on a public road and divided by an easement road approved by variance to Road Ordinance 18 prior to May 7, 1992

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Lot of Record?
What is a subdivision?

It is the platting of real property into three or more lots, parcels, tracts, tiers, blocks, sites, units, or any other division. Subdivision includes the establishment of new streets and alleys, additions, and re-subdivisions; and, when appropriate to the context, subdivision applies to the process of subdividing or to the lands or area to be subdivided.

What criteria must be met for dividing a parent parcel?

A parent tract can be divided once without meeting the subdivision regulations if the following conditions are met:

Any other lot splits not meeting the requirements above will be considered subdivisions and must go through the Development Review Process and comply with the Subdivision Regulations found in Chapter 407, Article 8. of the ULDC.