Alachua County Tree Permitting

Importance of Tree Permitting

  • As outlined in Alachua County Unified Land Development Code (ULDC), Alachua County’s purpose for protecting natural and historic resources is to preserve, protect, and enhance the quality and quantity of trees while balancing the needs for development and improvement of properties.
  • Trees and native vegetation promote carbon dioxide absorption, oxygen production, wildlife habitat, energy conservation, scenic beauty, and quality of life.
  • Champion trees, heritage trees, and native trees add significant value to the natural system. Thus, it is imperative to uphold the codes to balance urban needs and nature.
  • Tree removal in all land uses and zoning districts shall be prohibited without prior approval.

Do I need a permit to remove trees?

Regulated trees:

  • Champion trees are trees that are recognized as the largest of their species in the region.
  • Heritage trees are native trees over 20” in diameter or 30” in diameter for laurel oak and water oak.
  • Woody tree species 8” in diameter or above.
  • Specimen trees are identified by the County to be of notable interest or high value because of their age, size, species, condition, historic habitat, and/or uniqueness (ULDC Table 406.16.1).

Tree removal that falls under the specifications in the following table will need a permit:

Land Classification Tree(s) Requiring a Permit
Single Family Residential
1 acre or less
  • Trees over 20” in diameter* or ~63” in circumference
  • Nonnative trees, laurel oaks, and water oaks over 30” in diameter* or ~95.25” in circumference
  • Specimen trees
Single Family Residential more than 1 acre
Multifamily (apartments)
Homeowner’s Association
  • All trees over 8” in diameter* or ~25” in circumference
  • Specimen trees

*The diameter must be measured at 4.5’ above ground level.

Call before you clear

For questions about tree permitting, please contact the Alachua County Forester at or call 352-338-7394.

Do I have to replant trees?

Mitigation for trees removed is determined on a tree by tree basis based on the size and quality of the tree removed.

When regulated trees are removed or damaged without a permit, they shall be replaced at up to double the rate identified in ULDC Section 406.13.

Download the Tree Permitting Brochure

How do I apply for a permit?

The fee to apply for a permit is $90.00. Multiple trees can be listed on the same permit.

Please follow the instructions on how to register and apply for a permit.

First-time User Permit Application Instructions
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