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Pre-Application Conference


A Pre-Application conference is a way to bring you into the County and meet face to face with the primary Department personnel responsible for reviewing and permitting your development project. This is a discovery meeting where we discuss your general plans, needs, constraints, and goals for the property. Development projects are often affected by multiple County ordinances, codes, and requirements of various Departments within the County. In this meeting, we will provide you with the codes, ordinances and requirements that are applicable to your development.

Application Submitted with Completeness Review


Applications will be accepted by appointment only during one of the previously scheduled application intake dates , unless an appointment has been set for a time and date prior to a scheduled intake day. During the appointment, staff will review the documentation as submitted to determine its completeness. Completeness is determined based on the checklist items for the type of application submitted:

For complete applications that have been accepted, the required sign postings shall be placed on the property no later than 48 hours after the application has been accepted. A notarized affidavit certifying that the signs were posted shall be submitted within 72 hours of posting.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted. All materials will be given back to the applicant along with the checklist indicating the incomplete items. The applicant must then resubmit all materials during a scheduled intake day.

Sufficiency Determination and Review


Once an application has been deemed complete, all submittal materials will be forwarded on to the Development Review Staff members . Sufficiency Review consists of a determination as to whether or not sufficient materials have been submitted to enable staff to provide detailed conclusions as to consistency of the project with the Comprehensive Plan and the Land Development Code (ULDC) .

Applications determined Insufficient:
Written notification of such insufficiencies will be sent via email to the applicant. The applicant has 90 days from receipt of written notification of insufficiency to either provide all the necessary information to remedy an insufficient application, provide documentation of continuing in good faith to remedy the insufficiencies or request in writing, that the application be processed in its present form. An application will be deemed withdrawn unless the applicant responds within the allotted timeframe. A fee will be charged for the second and any subsequent written notification of insufficiencies necessary.

Applications determined Sufficient:
Once a Preliminary or Final application has been deemed to be sufficient, a full staff review will commence and the application will then be scheduled on an agenda for a public hearing with the appropriate reviewing body ( Development Review Committee or Board of County Commissioners). The Development Review Staff will prepare a staff report for the project containing staff comments and recommendations.

Sufficient applications for a Pre-Application Conference will be scheduled on an agenda with the Development Review Staff during one of their weekly Wednesday morning staff meetings.

Public Hearing


Preliminary Development Plans
Projects under the thresholds established in Section 402.44 of the ULDC will be heard by the Development Review Committee. Preliminary Development Plans exceeding the thresholds will be heard by the Board of County Commissioners. Preliminary Development Plans submitted with a request for Planned Development Zoning will be heard by the Board of County Commissioners. Preliminary Development Plans may be approved, approved with conditions or denied. All Preliminary Development Plans to be heard by the Board of County Commissioners will require notice of the hearing to be mailed to all nearby property owners as set forth in Section 402.14 of the ULDC.

Final Development Plans will be heard by the Development Review Committee. Final Development Plans may be approved, approved with conditions or denied.

Plats, re-plats or vacation of plats will first be heard by the Development Review Committee. The Development Review Committee will then make recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners