Alachua County

New Pre-Application Screening (PAS) Software

Effective 03/22/2021

Pre-Application Screening (PAS) is now included in the new building permitting software! Along with building permit application, check status, online payment, inspection scheduling, communication with permit clerks, license registration/renewal, permit record search/report, all in one place! This software replaces E-Permit and Permit Tracker.

Before applying, please check if this is your case, the following are excluded from the PAS process:

  • Roof mounted solar (Photovoltaic or water heating) unless tree cutting is to occur.
  • Remodeling of non-lakeshore properties that is enclosed within the existing building footprint or eave line, unless minimum finished floor elevation is noted on the lot.
  • Miscellaneous permits including reroofs, doors, windows, siding, electrical repairs or upgrades and mechanical change outs.
  • Screen pool or porch enclosures on existing permitted pool and porch foundations.
  • Cell tower site upgrades not affecting the tower height or configuration with no fuel storage and contained completely within the fenced site compound.

Please follow the step-by-step guidance below:

Step 1. Account Setup

Please note that you need to create an account to apply for a PAS applications. If you already have an account with the new permitting/PAS software (Citizenserve), you can log in to your account and apply directly.

Contractors and owner-builders, please check your email(the email address you registered with us as qualifier), we have sent you a notice, please follow the instruction to set up your account in our new permitting/PAS software.

For authorized signers, please create an account on the new permitting/PAS software with your own email address (different than your qualifier's email address), and your email address needs to be listed in the Authorized Signer Box under the Contractor's(qualifier) account(primmary account), your qualifier can add/modify this information in his/her account.

New contractors, if you wish to register with us, please read the instruction on how to get a license.

How to choose registration type:

  • For contractors, please chosse "Contractor".
  • For authorized signers, please choose "Citizen". And makre sure that your Contractor list your email address under his account as Authorized Signer.
  • For journeyman, please choose "Journeyman".
  • For owner-builders, please choose "Property Owner".

Step 2. Application

The PAS can be applied online now, the PAS application is considered as the same as the building permit application, so please click "permits" under Service tab(see screenshot), and then click "apply" on the a building permit page. Next, in the application type dropdown menu, please choose "Pre-Application Screening(see screenshot)" and then fill out the required information.

You will get email notifications when your application is received and for any other future updates. You can edit your application before the application is being reviewed by our staff.

The system will remind you if the property does not require a PAS(see screenshot).

Step 3. Status

You can check the status of your PAS application through your online account, after logging back on to your account, and you can upload additional documents if you are required to and also leave a message to our staff, they will reply you by email.

No Inspections are required for PAS review, however, a site visit may be required by Environmental Protection Department(EPD) or a flood plain permit may be required prior to PAS approval by Public Works(PW).

You will get email notification once your PAS application is approved.

Step 4. Search & Report

You can search for a PAS application by using the search tool. This tool replaces our old Permit Tracker.

You can also get a report of permits or PAS (by different categories) by using the report tool. After giving a date range, you will get a full report of the permits in the category of your choice.

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