Development Services Fee Schedule

Planning and Land Use Fees


Fee / AC Over 10*

  • Rezoning to “A” to “C-1” District for a single family lot



  • Rezoning, Special Use Permit, or Special Exception



  • Special Use Permit for Mining or Excavation and Fill



  • Special Use Permit and Preliminary Development Plan Review



  • Planned Development



  • Planned Development and Preliminary Development Plan Review



  • Major Amendment (PD, SUP, or SE)



  • Minor Amendment (PD, SUP, or SE) or Temporary Use Permit



  • Large Scale Comprehensive Plan Amendment



  • Small Scale Comprehensive Plan Amendment



  • Large Scale Comprehensive Plan Amendment & Rezoning



  • Small Scale Comprehensive Plan Amendment & Rezoning



  • ULDC Amendment


base plus hourly


  • Water Sewer Determination



  • Property Owner Notification (per 50 letters)



  • Hourly Rate (where applicable)



  • Proportionate Share Determination



  • Vested Rights Fee



  • Sector Plans

Initial Deposit of $7,500

  • Substantial Deviation Determinations


  • Review of projects determined to be substantial deviations or other amendments to development order

Initial Deposit of $2,500

  • Public Facilities Annual Report Review Fee for DRI establishing Special District under Chapter 189, Florida Statutes


Planning and Land Use Fees


Fee / AC Over 10*

  • Community Development District (CDD) Annual Budget Review Fee (for CDD established pursuant to Chapter 190, Florida Statutes and associated with a DR


  • Community Development District Review Fee


Note: *Area is computed by rounding up to the nearest full acre.

  1. In addition to the staff review fee, Tier II and Tier III applications shall be charged consultant fees to evaluate RF engineering and prepare Visual Impact Simulations as directed by staff.

  2. Comprehensive Plan Amendment: Where an applicant submits a proposal for territory other than under his/her direct control, only that area under his/her direct control shall be included for the purposes of calculating the fee. Small scale amendments are applications which conform to Section 163.3187(1)(c), Florida Statutes. No acreage fee shall be assessed for large-scale map amendment applications which request redefinition to the Rural/Agriculture land use classification.

  3. Fees are allocated to Growth Management, EPD, Fire and Public Works.

  4. Properties located within the Northeastern and Southeastern Urban Cluster as shown on the future Land Use Map shall have application fees for land use, zoning, or development review reduced 50 percent.

  5. Requests for Preservation Land use or zoning district designations shall be assessed a fee for advertising only, to be determined at the time of the application submittal.

Planning and Development Fee Policies:

  1. No rezoning or plan amendment request shall be accepted for processing until the required application fee, or reduced fee as established by Fee Policy number five, is paid. An application fee may be refunded only if the application is withdrawn prior to the County incurring direct costs in processing the application (i.e. copying and distributing copies to staff, advertising, postage, printing reports, etc.).

  2. In the event that readvertisement of an application due to any delay or postponement requested by the applicant, or necessitated by some act or failure to act on the part of the applicant, a supplemental fee of $250.00 plus postage costs per advertisement will be charged for a Zoning Application and a supplemental fee of $5100 per advertisement for a Comprehensive Plan Amendment or Zoning Ordinance Amendment Request. This supplemental fee is intended to cover additional costs for readvertisement. No additional fee shall be charged if the postponement is requested by the County.

  3. A separate fee shall be charged for each action requested unless the Director of Growth Management determines that the requested action is related to another requested action by the applicant and that the request will require no additional staff time (see Fee Policy number 5).

  4. The Director of Growth Management may reduce a required application fee where they find: (1) that special circumstances, not under the control of the applicant, justify a reduction in the fee; and (2) that the actual direct cost to the County for processing the application will not exceed the actual fee collected. In no case may a reduced fee be less than advertising cost. No request for reduction in the fee shall be considered unless the request is received within five working days following the date of the application submitted to the Department of Growth Management, Office of Planning and Development.

  5. All work performed by Alachua county employees, directly and reasonably attributable to review of and recommendations relating to a Development of Regional Impact application, Sector Plan, or amendment to a Development Order shall be paid by the applicant. Fees will be based upon the hourly rate of pay and benefits of each employee performing the work multiplied by the number of hours worked, plus 20% indirect cost based on the hourly rate of the employee. Any other additional direct costs incurred by the County in connection with the review and processing of a DRI or Sector Plan application, including but not limited to advertising, public notice, duplication of materials, telecommunications, and fees for any outside consultants hired by the County when special expertise beyond County staff is deemed necessary, shall be paid by the applicant.

  6. The applicant for Sector Plans will be required to pay an additional deposit, as may be required from time to time, when the review expenses have exhausted 75% of any paid deposit. Whenever an additional deposit of fees is required, such deposit shall be, at a minimum, in the amount of 50% of the initial payment set forth herein. Any auditor fees for the establishment and maintenance of this account shall be charged to the applicant.

  7. Upon conclusion of any staff review of any sector plan application and other actions required for presentation to the Board of County Commissioners for final action, all fees calculated by Alachua County to be due shall be paid in full by the applicant prior to submission to the Board of County Commissioners for final Board action. All refunds of excess deposit money, after all charges are paid, shall be refunded after final action by the Board of County Commissioners.

  8. Community Development District: The $5,000 review fee is for the CDDs of less than 1,000 acres. The review fee for CDDs of more than 1,000 acres is set by State Statute. For all CDDs, advertising and the advertising fee is the responsibility of the Petitioner and must be consistent with State Statute requirements.



  • Hear and decide appeals of decisions of the Development Review Committee, the Zoning Administrator on sign permit applications; and heard and decide other land use cases as directed by the County Commission – Hearing Officer


Updated October 2022.

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