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Zoning Administration

This division is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Land Development Code (ULDC), including the sign ordinance and other county codes.

We also process applications for Family Homestead Exceptions, Accessory Living Units, Home Based Businesses, Lot Splits, and other zoning related items.

Frequently Asked Questions

What uses can I have on my property?

The uses allowed on your property depend on the zoning district your property is in. Each zoning district allows certain uses and excludes others. The Zoning Administrator is responsible for interpreting the ULDC and determining if the use you are proposing is allowed. If your proposed use is not listed in the use table, the Zoning Administrator can help you determine where the use is most appropriate.

Can I have multiple living units on my property?

Yes, the ULDC and Comprehensive Plan allow Accessory Living Units on certain parcels. There are also exceptions, available for family members, to the density requirements of your property’s zoning district.

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Can I operate a business from my home?

Yes, The ULDC allows for Home-Based Business permits to be issued as limited uses. They are classified as General and Rural. The General permit can be issued administratively and the Rural permit requires Development Review.

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