Temporary Permits

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What types of Temporary Permits are there?
There are two types, Temporary Use Permits and Temporary Placement Permits. Temporary Use Permits allow for certain time-sensitive uses on a property, while Temporary Placement Permits allow the placement of mobile or manufactured homes for short periods of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of temporary uses are allowed?

A temporary use activity may include but is not limited to the following:
Special events, temporary sales, seasonal sales, and filming or audio recording of still, live or motion picture productions for theatres, television entertainment, industrial use or internet content.

See Chapter 402, Article 25 of the Land Development Code (ULDC) for more detailed information about Temporary Use Permits.

How long does the temporary use permit last?

A permit for a special event or temporary sale shall not exceed 3 days. For seasonal sales or activities related to temporary filming or audio recording activities, a temporary use permit shall not exceed 45 days. Any request for a temporary use permit exceeding these time limits shall be approved at a public hearing of the Board of County Commissioners.

How many temporary use permits can I receive in a year?

Not more than two temporary use permits for seasonal sales or motion picture production shall be issued for the same property in any calendar year. Temporary use permits for special events or temporary sales shall be issued no more than once every 60 days for the same property, not to exceed six per calendar year.

Who decides on my temporary use permit application?

The Director of Growth Management or his designee has the authority to approve a temporary use permit, including any conditions or restrictions placed on the proposed activities. The Fire Marshal also reviews the permit and may require a separate Special Event permit from the Fire Rescue Department. For certain events with sidewalk or road closers, the Public Works Department will also review the permit, and where large crowds are anticipated the Department also coordinates with the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office on traffic management.

Temporary Placement Permits (TPP)

See Chapter 402, Article 24 of the Land Development Code (ULDC) for more detailed information about Temporary Placement Permits.

A TPP allows a temporary mobile or manufactured home to be placed on your property for a maximum of 60 days, unless otherwise noted.

The following types of placement permits are permitted:

Emergency Residence:
A TPP may be issued for the purposes of providing emergency residence on a site where the existing living unit has become uninhabitable due to fire, structural damage, adverse weather damage or other acts of God, while the damaged living unit is being repaired or a replacement living unit is being constructed.

Construction Residence:
A TPP may be issued for the purpose of providing a temporary construction residence for the owner of a site who is constructing or is acting as the contractor for the construction of a site built single-family dwelling or modular dwelling.

Construction & Sales Leasing Office:
A manufactured home meeting the requirements of the Building Code may be utilized as a temporary construction office or a sales and leasing office on a construction site for which a building permit has been issued.

A TPP for a Construction & Sales Leasing Office may be issued for a period not to exceed two years, and may be renewed by the Department as long as the project is under active construction, development and sales or leasing.

How do I apply for my temporary use permit application?

All applications are submitted electronically through our Citizenserve permitting portal at https://citizenserve.com/alachuacounty
You will need to create a user account and then apply for the permit type ‘Temporary Use Permit’.
For the Temporary Placement Permits question, the code reference should link here: Land Development Code (ULDC)

For questions regarding Temporary Placement Permits, please contact the Building Division at 352-374-5243.