An icon of a process circle Building Permit Process

Pre-Application Screening (PAS)


The County conducts a preliminary review of the project for compatibility with zoning, transportation, and environmental issues.


Apply for a permit


You can apply for a permit online or by visiting our office. E-permitting is generally available for projects that don't require plan review.

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Plan Submittal & Review


Construction Plans meeting Florida Building Code requirements are submitted and then reviewed by licensed Plans Examiners. (only required for some projects including new construction, renovations and additions).

Residential Plan Requirements Commercial Plan Requirements

Permit is issued with Notice of Commencement


If the Construction Plans are approved a permit is issued and a Notice is filed. The Notice allows material suppliers and subcontractors to file liens on a property if they are not paid by the contractor. A contractor who pulls a permit but does not perform or directly oversee the work can be held liable for damages and the unpaid debt on the project.

Notice of Commencement

Please print on Legal size paper 8.5"x 14", if not, please choose "Shrink" or "Fit to Page" while printing.



Inspections are required at specific intervals during construction and upon completion of the project. The type of inspections required depend on your project type. For example, If you are rewiring a part of your home, only an Electrical inspection is required.

Schedule Inspection Schedule a Fire Marshall Inspection See Today's inspections
Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.)


The Certificate of Occupancy is the final construction document that authorizes occupancy of a structure. A C.O. is a Permit that allows a business to operate in a specific location. The process of issuing a C.O. ensures that a business complies with zoning or land use ordinances as well as the structural and fire-life-safety codes of the County, thereby assuring the applicant that his/her business structure is ready for occupancy. This document is required of all business tenants in both existing structures and newly constructed buildings.